A Fairytale Wedding by Royston LRC

June 20, 2017

To an outsider, the thought of being part of a rugby team may simply consist of a strip, 2 weekly training sessions, and a regular fixture on a Saturday. Yet, to those who are involved with their local grassroots rugby club, rugby is about so much more than just those elements!

The reason I’m harping on about this is because when it comes to Royston Ladies RFC, there certainly is more than meets the eye.

Royston Ladies player, Victoria Green, brought this amazing story to my attention, which epitomises the strength and power of the grassroots game.

She told me:

Royston ladies started training in late 2015 with our first ever match taking place in November 2016. On that cold, wet day, a lady turned up half way through the match, put on a Royston shirt and played her heart out for us. We knew immediately that Sian would become a fundamental part of our team.

In the changing rooms after the match we realised what an amazing woman Sian is. She was nervous about joining the team and unsure how welcoming and accepting we would be.

Sian is an ambassador for ADHD awareness and opened up to us about this straight after our match. Rugby allows Sian to be herself and to throw herself into a team sport, knowing that we all count on her as much as she does on us.

Sian was welcomed into this wonderful team with open arms and found a place where she could express herself with friends. 

She had planned to be married on 15th July, a date special to her and her fiancé, before her venue plans fell through, subsequently followed by her caterers.

Nightmare had struck.

Amazingly, Victoria selflessly offered her services to Sian, along with the rest of the Royston Ladies side, in order to help their team mate on her special day!

‘They {The Team} all jumped at the idea of helping a team mate! Rugby means so much to Sian and the team play such an important part in her life. She now has a team of ladies preparing her food and serving her guests dressed in our rugby kit.’

An absolutely brilliant story that wonderfully endorses the grassroots game. What’s more, 2 years ago, there was no Royston Ladies RFC – they simply didn’t exist. Yet within those 24 months, the club has amassed a squad of 30 players and created an unbreakable team spirit that encourages them to do whatever they can for their team mates.

It's the perfect advert for rugby and will hopefully encourage more women to get involved in the game; after all it's about so much more than just a weekly Saturday fixture. 

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