Brighton Blues U10s - A Fantastic Mini Rugby Set-Up

July 3, 2017

There isn’t a more failsafe statement one can make in life than, ‘children are the future.’ I mean it’s a categorical, unavoidable fact. And of course, this relates to rugby too; the kids who are involved within rugby’s grassroots now, will likely be the ones to take the game forward and shape its future.

Thus, it’s imperative that we encourage as many children to get involved in the game as possible, and from an early age. This will assist them in developing an initial love for rugby, and as time progresses, an impressive skill set. As we know, immersing yourself in rugby is also brilliant in developing social skills that will serve you well in later life!

Brighton Blues U10s have set up a wonderful platform to encourage kids to take up rugby, and with it, make friends, become part of a team and use up some of that youthful energy – at that age kids, we all know they've got bag-fulls of the stuff!

Coach Luke Whiffen and co. have created a program that consists of 2 sessions a week (Sundays and Thursdays) in order to increase squad bonding time and generate maximum enjoyment. After all, why should mini rugby only be once a week? They see their heroes (the older boys) playing a lot more, so I think it’s a great idea to get them as active as possible.

Luke is described as, ‘a beacon of excellence and enthusiasm in everything he does.’ Now, I’m not yet a father but I can imagine that’s the kind of person you want coaching your kids!

Amazingly, he and Nick Buckroyd started coaching the team at U6s, and it was only a couple of years ago, when they had 4 kids turning up, they contemplated a move elsewhere. Yet, they persevered and now have a promising squad of 20!

‘It was a season full of great memories, as every player, whether a ‘veteran’ of younger age groups or new to the game, grew in stature, confidence, ability and attitude.’

As a parent, could you ask for much more from your local rugby club? You get a really great vibe from this rugby club, which is fantastic to see.

On another note; May I please add that this club wouldn’t be as successful a side without the parents, who spectate in rain, wind and snow, and really are the unsung heroes. 

This club is a fantastic example of how brilliant mini rugby can be, if time and enthusiasm is invested; regardless of the squad size, age group or gender, the essential element of junior rugby is fun, and kids will feed off the energy of their parents and coaches. 

Long may this brilliant club flourish, from the junior levels up!

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