Every Club Has Got One......

February 17, 2017

Rugby is a great game for many reasons. Many site the fact that it is so inclusive for everyone involved as the reason they love it. With that inclusion we see so many different types of people in each club and even within each team.

Here we look at the different ‘species’ you can expect to find across the board. By all means let us know if we have missed someone!! (sweeping generalisations apologies!)

Over-Seas Player

British grassroots rugby seems to have a growing contingent of overseas players. It's great to see, as long is the club isn’t paying them!! But that’s another and the topic of another article all together. It’s great to have Kiwis, South Africans, Japanese, Australian and Pacific Island players playing over here. It develops the game we play and exposes those playing to different techniques and skills. The rugby community grows and that’s magical.  One thing you can guarantee though, they love telling you about how good it is at their club ‘back home’. Well that’s great but you chose to play in the rain and the mud so get used to the fact that it's different!  We suffer too and we agree it's painfully cold on most Tuesday nights during the season.

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