Jed Forest RFC's Riverside Rock

June 15, 2017

Saturday 17th June see’s Jed Forest’s Riverside Park play host to the Scottish Borders very own music festival; a wonderful family day out with a little something for everyone.

The festival attracts acts from all over the borders so you can enjoy an eclectic range of music within a friendly community vibe – it’s not to be missed if you’re down that neck of the woods, this Saturday 17th June 11.30 am – 00:00.

The partner charity for the event is The Lavender Touch, which is a fantastic cause and a worthwhile reason to head down and help raise some funds. 

I think it's brilliant that a rugby club is running an event of this stature and engaging with the local community, in ways that doesn’t involved the egg-shaped ball. Often, clubs that are more commercially active find it easier to survive financially, and in the case of Jed Forest RFC, the takings from this event basically support them for the whole year. 

An event like this is also brilliant to raise awareness about the rugby club and encourage new members to sign up and be a part of something special. 

Hopefully successful occasions like Riverside Rock will encourage other clubs to see the potential in thinking outside the box and innovating new revenue streams, as well as local community interaction. 

Well done Jed Forest RFC; enjoy rocking for 12 hours straight!

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