Match Report; Hutton 66 - North Manchester 0

April 21, 2016

On a bright and breezy, but chilly, afternoon the game kicked off with North Manchester gaining control in the Hutton half. Their forwards made promising moves forward retaining control for the first 10 minutes in what proved to a false impression of their abilities. Hutton eventually gained possession and immediately went on the attack. An absolute peach of a lofted kick over to the right wing was beautifully caught in the air by new recruit Dave who, showing a great turn of speed went over behind the posts, duly converted by the ever reliable Adam.

Only 2 minutes later, after more deft handling, Mark (Tramp) added a second, duly converted. Hutton were now fully in control with Dave adding his second 4 minutes later, this time a 5 pointer. 25 minutes and Tramp also added a second 7 pointer. It was becoming a riot. On 30 minutes new recruit Dave rounded off the half and completed his hat-trick.

Half time 33/0.

At half time Hutton resolved amongst themselves to deny N M any crossing of their line at all costs in the second half. N M started the second half with more resolve. Unfortunately determined efforts by their pack invariably resulted in any attempted break-outs being thwarted by poor handling mid field. Unfortunately their half backs had a bad off day. Hutton nevertheless marched on with Gordy going over for another 7 pointer. The carnage continued with Adam, Phil, Biggsy and Parto scoring tries, 3 of them converted. These were interspersed with a serious and successful rearguard action in repelling N Ms best efforts thus keeping the clean sheet they had promised themselves. On a lighter note, Biggsy not only scored one of his typical crash over tries but he even got three passes in, thus keeping up the momentum of the various moves.

Result, 66 - 0 hard to believe North Manchester beat Tarleton at the end of January!

Editor: Lawrence

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