Pay Your Subs...

February 14, 2017

Club subs; Every club has them and they are vital to the club functioning in the way it wants to for the new season. Some clubs might have more expensive fees than others to pay but that might be down to membership numbers, clubhouse size or even geographical reasons. One thing remains, they need to be paid.

 That’s what makes the task of getting subs paid either on time or at all even more painful. You can’t get away from paying them and it’s not like the club, if it is doing it’s job properly is going to forget that you haven’t paid! Some clubs have the clout to be able to say to people that they can’t play or get involved in anything in the clubhouse until it’s been paid.

Others simply don’t have that luxury. They need their members to come down, take up their position at the weekend in the team or put vital funds behind the bar. They won’t stop them from coming down.

In actual fact, they can’t.

For those of you that haven’t thought about it, the task of getting all of the subs through into the club account is one of the most painful and laborious jobs within grassroots rugby.

The person charged with doing it doesn’t want to be chasing you for payment or calling you at inappropriate times. In fact, like you, he has much better things to be doing and would wholeheartedly prefer to be doing them than spending his valuable time chasing club members.

It’s not a huge sum of money and it’s part of the foundations of the game at an amateur level.

Subs will always exist; they aren’t going to go away and if you weigh up what the club gives you in terms of your social life (outside of the club, it isn’t as good as you think!), your release as a player no matter what side you turn out for and the all round added value you get from being involved with your club then you see it’s not a huge amount of money to be worrying about.

Many clubs build in some new season stash to come along with your membership and while this probably won’t please your partner at home with another piece of club kit making it’s way through the from door, it will make you stand out as not having paid your fee! Just pay the damn thing.

Those who don't pay subs are making things much tougher for the club and in fact disrespecting the clubs itself and those that take a huge amount of time to run it in their own, voluntary hours.

On the flip side (and this is directed at clubs) you do need to think about what your sub payment will give to the paying member. 

E4R have something coming soon which may help clubs in the coming seasons. In the mean time, be creative about what the club sub might give each member.

Create something of value; If members feel they are receiving something beneficial, then they're far more likely to pay it.

As paying grassroots rugby club members, we love the game we are involved in. Don’t create problems that hold everything back. Pay your subs and get involved. 

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