Surely Olympic 7s Is Here To Stay?

August 19, 2016
Why Olympic 7s Is Here to Stay......
Well we predicted that the 7s may be one of the highlights of the Rio Olympics and we weren't wrong; what a tournament! 
A beautiful and perhaps rather unexpected silver medal for Team GB, plus an utterly heroic performance from the Japanese and a fairytale finish for Fiji, as they won their first ever Olympic gold medal. And they did it in style (unfortunately at the expense of GB).....
Just touching on Fiji's victory, their final song and prayer with one another must be one of the moments of Rio 2016 so far - how moving and passionate! That's what sport, and the Olympic Games, is all about! 
There was a sense of British achievement within the Fijian victor as their coach, Ben Ryan, is English and he had done an amazing job! 
What a brilliant advert for the game of 7s and I have no doubt that it'll be included in the Olympic set up after Tokyo 2020. It was much believed that like golf, rugby sevens was on trial; I'd say they passed with flying colours. 
Many of the grandstand sports on show, such as golf and football have seen some of the world's best in their field shun the Olympics to focus on more pressing sporting matters. Not with rugby sevens...the very best players in the world were in the spotlight, doing everything in their power to achieve the dream of winning Olympic gold and that's extremely refreshing! 
Just wait, as the prestige of this wonderful game suddenly snowballs into something extra special!
USA today actually wrote that rugby sevens was the best sport at the Olympics and if a US publication is writing that when they're out of the medals but winning them left right and centre in other sports then there must be some truth in it... 
Fast-paced, exhilarating, physically exhausting, technically pulsating and it welcomes underdogs - that is a sport worth watching! 

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