The Benefits of Social Media to a Rugby Club

May 8, 2017

Social media…It’s not for everyone but is something that should be embraced by grassroots rugby. It's hugely powerful in many ways and can help Clubs grow a social brand and identity, as well as connect with the wider rugby community and lead to further development both on and off the field.

Rugby Clubs, and the teams within them, are always looking for ways to transmit messages and information in order to grow their player database and ensure people are attracted to the Club - not only for the rugby but for social reasons too.

It's amazing how much of an impact Rugby Clubs can have on the local community - social media can help with this massively.

We understand that some of the older members of the grassroots rugby population won’t be on Twitter or using Facebook, but the vast majority of the Club will. These platforms offer an invaluable resource with which to interact and engage with the local community and promote your Club to a wider audience.

It’s important that a Club stays in touch with the Players, Supporters and Club members consistently; Social media is a great, and simple, way of doing this.

Now, as we said above, not everyone knows how the various social media platforms work but someone within the Club is bound to be a tweetaholic! Use them. Having one, or a couple of efficient and effective people that are responsible for a Club’s social media can make the process a whole lot easier. Plus they’ll likely be doing something that they enjoy being involved in.

Download the E4R App and utilise our club's social wall; all your social feed's content is dragged through to one accessible area, meaning even those without the social apps, can keep up to date with your club's news and events. 

Constantly engaging with the target audience is something that Rugby Clubs should seriously think about.

It has the potential to develop into more faces coming down to the Club on Sunday mornings to join in with the minis and juniors, as well as an increase in locals attending the events going on at the Clubhouse.

Social media is a large and influential part of the world’s make up, so we should embrace it and encourage others to embrace our sport!

There is a substantial rugby audience within the UK that’s interested in their area’s rugby related news and goings on. Match reports, events, achievements and news can all be fired out through Twitter and Facebook reaching vast numbers quickly, resulting in fast and effective interaction with your Club’s followers - yet it's also a great way of reaching those who may not have an affiliation with your Club!

Club marketing needs to use social media, it’s a massive way to improve, develop and grow your Club.

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