What Goes on Tour, Stays on Tour

March 16, 2017

Summer is on the horizon…we’ve been saying that for some time, however we’re getting there.

For rugby lot, summer either symbolises a great time to chill out, pig out and go out, or it’s a chance to take a trip with the team and go on tour. There’s no denying that tours are an eventful occasion, that leads to a lot of acts that will likely never be talked about after the tour…probably for the best in most circumstances.

We want to know if you’re going on tour or have had a hilarious tour incident recently. As we said above many tour squads are sworn to secrecy and we respect that, however if you’re willing to spill, let us know!

Meanwhile, here’s 5 Cliches that go hand in hand with rugby tour…

Walking on Eggshells with the Fear of Court

Everyone wants to have a good time on tour – that’s a given. Also, everyone wants to outdo their team mates when it comes to ‘looseness,’ however the thought of end of tour court is always on the mind. It’s all about getting the balance of doing something hilarious, and doing something utterly stupid. If you do end up doing the latter, it’s not going to be forgotten and you will definitely be getting reprimanded in court come the end of the tour.

Praying for Poor Opposition

When it comes to a rugby tour…rugby isn’t exactly right at the top of the list. There’s nothing better than waking up nursing a hangover and seeing an opposition you know you can beat on the other side of the field. What’s even better is when you kick off and it’s obvious you’re the better side. However, no matter how good or bad, the other guarantee is that you’ll all enjoy a couple of cold ones after the game.

Rig Lookin’ Tight

This is especially crucial for those that are single in the squad…those nights out when you’re on tour can be pretty entertaining. On the off chance that one of your team mates rips off your top, you don’t want to be covering up with your hands. However, lads don’t panic, dad bods are in so embrace the kite!

Energetic Bus Journeys

Tour kicks-off as soon as the bus leaves the clubhouse. From then on, it’s full steam ahead, for the bus and the squad! It’s a case of let the games begin, as the bottles appear for Edward Cider Hands. All Aboard!

Someone Goes Missing

It's not a classic tour unless someone wanders off during a night out and is found at the local rugby club sleeping under the scrummage machine or wrapped round the posts... You may think what tours have you been on...but it has definitely happened before and it will definitely happen again. Then again, they may wander off in the night and be found in their bed but that doesn't lead to a good story!

If you're off on tour this summer, let us know! Hope you have a blinder...

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