Why Rugby Tours Are the Perfect Post Season Activity

May 25, 2017

With the international summer tours approaching, and of course the small matter of the Lions, rugby touring is going to feature heavily in the summer sporting spotlight. In my opinion, it’s up to the professionals to lead by example and ensure the players are positive advocates for the sport and this wonderful, end of season tradition.

Within rugby, team spirit and camaraderie are key elements that make our sport such a haven of positivity. And is there any better way to celebrate a successful season, or get over an unsuccessful one, than going on tour with your comrades and embracing all the fun that comes with it.

Whether you’re a side in the UK’s lowest league, or have just been promoted to National 1, it doesn’t matter – tour is for everyone, even minis.

So here’s why going on a rugby tour is great:

Team Bonding:

Training together, travel together, play together, live together, eat together, sleep together (behave)…Tour is a great way of getting to know your team mates just that little bit better.

Whether you end up winning matches on tour, or not, it’s all about the positive vibes and post-match beers with your peers. You’ll make memories that you’ll be able to laugh about for the rest of your days but just remember what goes on tour stays on tour. 

Nice Way to End a Long Season

After a grueling season of bathing in mud 3 days a week, embracing aches and pains all over your body and hobbling into work on a Monday morning, you deserve to give yourself a break…What better way to do so then to go and experience all of the above within a different location.

Regardless of whether your team had an extremely positive campaign, or one to forget, tour is something everyone can look forward to and celebrates everything that is great about rugby.

Playing Different Opposition

Although tours are predominantly focused on socialising and fun, the rugby is of course an important factor, especially if you’re playing a side from, say abroad.

It offers your team the chance to test its skills against a different style and standard of rugby – just remember to limit the pre-match pints to one…don’t want to be humiliated on foreign soil or by foreign opposition. (But if you are, no one really minds!) 

Forming New Relationships with Clubs

One of the great things about rugby is the mutual respect found amongst teams all across the world. It doesn’t matter if a team is your opposition whilst on tour; as soon as that final whistle blows it’s all about socialising and gathering together for a beer and some food.

Amazingly, there exists tours that have been taking place for great lengths of time, as teams strike up a special bonds and decide to make their fixtures and social activities an annual event. This makes tours even more special as clubs from other sides of the world can look forward to sharing their differences under the key values of rugby. 

If your squad is heading on tour this summer, we want to hear about it! 

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