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June 8, 2016

Let’s be serious, Andy Goode never intended to retire from rugby last season; it was an ingenious ploy and piece of PR in order to skip the dreaded pre-season. Whilst everyone else was smashing the shakes, tackle bags and hill runs, Goode was feeding the kite and chilling out.

James Corden once said to Peter Crouch, ‘when I look at you, everything tells me you should be rubbish at football…and yet you’re brilliant…’ 

There's a similar sort of feel to Mr Goode.

Nah we're just kidding, to say that about Mr Goode would be both savage and unfair; we all know carrying about a bit of bulk can be very useful on a rugby field ad it's never hindered his performance in any way! However, what we will say is that he’s not exactly the model athlete…but does that matter? Not one bit!

We may mock him but his return for Newcastle Falcons was emphatic and somewhat of an anomaly.

Put in its simplest form, Andy Goode has been a loyal and heroic servant to English rugby and a very faithful ambassador to rugby glove brands across the world. He is clearly a huge fan of the sport he plays and it’s a credit to him and his ability, that he’s managed to play at the top level for so long.

Unfortunately it seems we must now permanently wave goodbye to this iconic rugby figurehead who has fast become a Tyne & Wear cult-hero at his temporary home in Newcastle. It was one last challenge for the big man and a way of remaining in retirement limbo that little bit longer. He has now further cemented his name in Aviva Premiership rugby history amongst the other greats.

He’s produced countless brilliant performances for all the Clubs he has played for, be it Leicester, Wasps, Worcester or the Falcons. It's safe to say, they survived the drop and fans will look to him as a major contributor.

Let’s take a second to admire his accolades:

  • 2nd all-time points scorer in the Aviva Premiership
  • 4 Premiership Titles
  • 2 Heineken Cup Titles
  • 17 England Caps and 108 points
  • 8th all-time most appearances in the Aviva Premiership
  • 1 pair of rugby gloves

He’s got a fair bit of banter hidden up those baggy sleeves as well and we just love when he shares it. You only have to rewind a few weeks to when the Falcons beat the Saints to hear his ongoing crack with referee Wayne Barnes throughout the fixture. We love it! What's more there’s no time for a post-match shake with AG, it’s all about the beers and we love it. The consummate professional.

Andy Goode’s been around the block a few times and what he lacks in physical prowess he makes up for in experience and balls of steele.

He is the peoples champion and we wish Goodie a long and chilled-out retirement. We doubt there’ll be much change to his lifestyle from when he was playing full time but here's to him nonetheless!

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