Long May The Trend Continue For Women's Rugby

August 22, 2016

Over the past few years we have seen Women’s Rugby played on an ever increasing scale. It’s fantastic to see. With the like of England Women winning the Rugby World Cup, the increased focus on the 6 Nations and the development of the women’s 7s circuit the game is inspiring an increasing number of young ladies. Long may it continue.

More clubs have added a Ladies side to the regular senior teams they have playing over each weekend and it is a chance for the club to create a huge amount of traction. 

For those clubs that haven’t yet made that step (the number is increasingly few) there is a whole new raft of potential club members and players to join your club and many of those clubs who have made the step already highlight the determination, enthusiasm and love of the game as a key influencer to club atmosphere.

The ladies can solve a number of problems faced by clubs too as they can become involved in the running of the club, making volunteer hours less demanding on others and bringing fresh, innovative ideas into a sometimes stale decision making environment.

In some quarters, unfortunately, we do still need to change the perception of the game but there will always be the haters. The trick is to not let them put out the burning desire of the ladies and girls to play the game. It’s infectious within a club and massively needed.

Opinions like this are clearly lessening as the ‘traditionalists’ sit quietly in the chair they haven’t left for years with the same beer in front of them; but it can be found in some areas.

For clubs that have rightly opened up a Women’s section of the club, the future seems bright. Those that haven’t, need to catch up.

It might not be a fully functioning section but that will come even if there are no fixtures to start with. It’s just as important to encourage women in the community to come and give the game a go, we don’t know where it might lead to.

One of the areas that proves difficult for the Women is the difference between the players that have a real ability and intention to play at the highest level emulating the likes of E4R Ambassador Rachael Burford, and the players that are good but want to remain social players. Until very recently there has been situations where the two mix which makes it quite hard to develop the game effectively. So much has been done to the game for the Ladies though that it is now in an effective and positive place with numbers growing and a brilliantly competitive top end.

Mini rugby is where it should all start for all of us; boys and girls.

Encourage your daughters and sisters to take part this season. They might not make the step to playing the game fully but the skills, friendships, relationships and values we all take from the game makes it something hugely beneficial. Integration of the kids is good too. Mix the boys and the girls up rather than separating them from an early age. Understandably when the girls reach a certain age it would be better to separate them for some parts but even then, mixed training sessions could work out well too. 

However the game progresses over the next season or two the Women’s game is going to be in an amazing place and will no doubt be even more developed than it is right now. Long may it continue.

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