Perfect Pre-Match Playlist

April 12, 2017

Head bashing, thigh slapping and screaming in your team-mates face; all great methods to psyche yourself and your team mates up. Nowadays, although in some dressing rooms these traditional methods still exist, it is music that has come to the fore as a means of getting a pre-match pump.

Rap and heavy metal are the obvious genre choices, but everyone has their own tastes, so this playlist is a compilation of rousing, adrenalin boosting tracks from a diverse range of artists.

Find out what the E4R Team use to unlock their inner demons. 

Carl Hayman - E4R Director

Machine Head Clenching the Fists of Descent 

An absolute demon of a track that Carl used to unleash his inner definitely worked. 

Tom May - E4R Director

Hans Zimmer Time

Tom's gone down the movie soundtrack route (Inception) but I have to say this is a rather special piece by Zimmer. Have a listen...almost guaranteed goosebumps. 

Barrie Brown: E4R Director

Ramstein Du Haast

Barrie claims he's not Ramstein's number one fan and that it's just this song he likes...we'll let him off because this is a real belter!

Dave Turnbull - E4R Key Account Manager

Chase & Status Time 

DJ Dave is a self-admitting 90s trance fan, however when it comes to that one track that can really get under his skin, he swears by this. Same title as Tom's but a rather different sound...

Alex Noble - E4R Editor 

TV on the Radio Wolf Like Me 

Ever since I heard this used in the training scene of the movie, Never Back Down, it's been my go-to. Great tune!

Fiona Newlands - Executive Assistant 

Survivor Eye of Tiger

Possibly the most iconic pump-up song in history...? Fiona has good taste! When she listens to this, she trains like a beast!

Sabrina Gali - Web Developer 

Madonna Iconic 

Not the most iconic song when it comes to getting the blood pumping but Maj is one of Sabrina's heroes, so the emoptional attachment means it works for her!

Luke Robson - E4R New Zealand Contributor

John Cafferty Hearts on Fire 

An absolute classic from, yes you guessed (remembered) it, Rocky IV. Get your 80s funk on whilst getting well and truly psyched.

Andrew Naumenko - Strength & Conditioning Contributor 

Fort Minor Remember the Name

The track that dominated most of the noughties sports tribute videos on YouTube; all about being the best you can be. 100% reason to listen to this song. 

So, if you were to create an E4R Pre-Match Playlist on Spotify it's safe to say it would be pretty diverse...let us know your favourite pump-up tracks in the comments box below!

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Comments (1)

  1. Paul McGrealGuildford Apr 13, 2017 at 06:50 PM

    Back to School - Deftones. Only one of their so far I really like, but guaranteed to get me pumped up.