A Serious Festive Leg Workout

December 16, 2016

Many of you will have fewer games over the festive period, and indeed might find that matches are starting to be postponed at this time of year due to the weather. It is therefore a great chance to top up your leg strength and get some volume into your legs that may not be feasible at other points in the season.

You will see there are a number of different aspects to the session so it may take a little longer than some programmes. But, the way I see it, it gives you a good excuse to escape the relatives for a couple of hours!


Aim for the session to be completed within 60 mins.


  • - Single Leg Squat – 2x8 reps each leg
  • - Side Plank with leg lift – 2x8 reps each side
  • - Prone Bridge with alternate leg lifts – 2x8 reps each leg


Take 2 minutes rest between Sets 

  • - Jump Squats - 5x20kg,  5x30kg,  3x40kg,  3x50kg
  • - Power Cleans - 5 at 65% / 4 at 70% / 3 at 75% /3 sets x 2 reps at 80% 1 RM
  • - Back Squats - 5x5 (not including Warm-Up sets)


Rest 90 seconds between sets.

  • - Barbell Lunges – 3 Sets x 8 Reps Each Leg
  • - Straight Leg Deadlift or Romanian Deadlifts – 3 Sets x 8 Reps


Just to make sure you leave the gym truly knackered, here’s a little Crossfit style finisher!

Do 5 sets of 2 1/2 minutes work: 1 minute rest
Within the 2 1/2 minutes complete as many rounds of the following exercises as possible

- 125m Row
- 12 Alternating. Single Arm Dumbell Snatches (from the floor)
- 10m Bear Crawl

*Start the next Round where you finished the last. Score is total number of rounds + reps.

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