Band Session

February 6, 2017

Contrary to its title, this session does not involve hiring a room at the nearest recording studio. All that you require is a decent length piece of physio band and somewhere to tie it!

I use this as prehab work before a field session, and also for general toning of the smaller stabilising muscles that might get overlooked in a weights session.

It is really handy if your clubhouse doesn’t have a gym as you can set yourself up in a corner and do your band work before your rugby session as prehab, and it will get you firing for the session.


Rest for 90 seconds between supersets.

1a - Single Arm Band Crossovers  5 sets x 15 (band tied to an upright, bring your arm across your body)

1b - Single Arm Band Rows  5 x 15 each arm

2a - Reverse Band Flys  5 x 10 (put the band round an upright and hold each end)

2b - Band Arm Curls  5 x 10 (stand on the other end of the band)

3a - Cross Body Lat Raise  5 x 10 (stand with band under opposite foot to arm you are gripping with)

3b  - Band Tricep Extension  5 x 15 (band fastened to upright, face the opposite way and straighten your arms above your head)

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