Blow the Cobwebs Away

January 3, 2017

If, like me, you are feeling a bit “Meh” after the excesses of Christmas, and are getting back to club training this week, you might want to tack this little blow out onto the end of your club session to kick your system back into gear, leaving you ready for the weekend’s game and, of course, ready to tackle New Year’s Eve!

Part 1:

 10 x 30 m Sprints – Start a new rep every 25 seconds.

90 secs rest

Part 2:

10 reps of: Starting on the try-line, backpedal to the dead ball line, sprint to the near 5 m line, backpedal to the try line, then sprint to near 10 m line. Jog back recovery 

90 secs rest

Part 3: 

6 widths of the pitch non-stop, touchline to touchline: target time is under 90 seconds

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