Crossfit - Love it or Hate it?

November 21, 2016

Whether you’re a lover of Crossfit or not, one thing is for sure, it gives you an intense workout. Admittedly, If you do too much with poor technique and heavy weights, it's not good for you, but if done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial! 

Crossfit is generally defined as a strength and conditioning workout that is constantly varied. Normally high intensity, it includes functional movement patterns and is designed to improve all round fitness.

One thing it certainly does, is make you work bloody hard, almost to your maximum, every time.

Every session is different and adding variety to your training is great to keep the body guessing and mind active.

Below is one of our 'favourite' crossfit workouts - it's a real ball-buster but we bet you feel great after it, if not a bit sore. 



The idea is that you do this as quickly as you can. It should take no longer than 25mins…

1000m Row

-       10 Deadlifts @80-100kg*
-       10 Burpee Pull ups**

Complete 3 rounds of the super set.

750m Row

-       10 Deadlifts @80-100kg*
-       10 Burpee Pull ups**

Complete 2 rounds of the super set.

 500m Row

-       10 Deadlifts @80-100kg*
-       10 Burpee Pull ups**

 finish with 1 Round of the super set.

* Ensure you pick a weight that is comfortable and you apply the proper technique.
** Burpee Pull up – stand under a pull up bar, perform a full burpee, chest to the floor, then jump straight in to a pull up. That is 1 rep!

The beauty of this is that you can do it in pretty much any gym, so why not give it a go and post your time below...

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