Get That All Important Summer Rig: Game of Thrones Inspired Workout

April 20, 2015

Now, as we know, the UK doesn’t really get a summer – especially if you’re from the north. So, it is likely that many of us will look to go abroad to catch some rays – and we all know we want to be looking good whilst lying by the pool.

We thought we would provide you with another workout that may prove helpful in toning up and finding more body definition for the summer. We thought we would enlighten you on how Kit Harrington (Jon Snow in GOT) got his rig in such good nick – its worth doing because the birds love him!

The workout contains a lot of exercises – so perhaps best not to try them all in the same workout, at least to begin with! Focus on getting the correct form – and then start to increase the weight!


Wide Grip Deadlift: 6-8 reps X 3

Split Stance Cable Row: 12-15 reps X 3

Zercher Squat: 6-8 reps X 3

Dead Sit:  30-40 secs

Commando Pull Up: 8-10 reps X 3

Shoulder ‘W’: 10 reps X 3 (rather complex exercise - have a look on YouTube if unsure of how to do it)

Chest Dip: 8-10 reps X 3

Swiss Ball Pec Stretch: 30 secs X 3

Cobra Pose: 3 reps X 3

Incline Press: 8-12 reps X 3

Press Up: Go to failure

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