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November 24, 2016

This is a great top-up session. Sometimes when you’re training mid season, the focus of sessions can be purely team based, meaning there might not be much fitness involved.

If you are only training a couple of times a week it is important to keep your fitness levels up, and you can do this through a top-up session. The great thing with these sessions is they are very intense but the short bursts mean that although they can feel hard work at the time, they won’t fatigue you long term and you will recover quickly.

So you can do this after your Tuesday or Thursday evening session and it will have no effect on your fatigue levels.

What you need

  • A rugby pitch, stop watch.


  • Start on the 50m line, lying on your front
  • Sprint to the 10m line, perform a down up facing the way you came
  • Sprint to the opposite 10m line, perform a down up facing back the way you came
  • Sprint to the 50m line

That is 1 rep!


  • x1 reps – 30sec rest  (on single reps, get back on your chest at the 50m, ready to go again)
  • x2 reps - 45sec rest  (on all multiple reps, perform a down and up at the 50m)
  • x2 reps – 45sec rest
  • x2 reps – 45sec rest
  • x4 reps – 90sec rest
  • x2 reps – 45sec rest
  • x1 reps – 3min rest

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Repeat x2

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