Sevens Season Preparation: Gym Workout

March 2, 2017

High fitness levels is obviously a key element when playing rugby - especialy sevens. Muscle strength and endurance can often be determining factors in whether a match ends in victory or defeat. 14 men covering a pitch that comfortably accommodates 30 means a lot more space and a lot more running!

This is a gruelling elite sevens gym workout, designed by the England Sevens fitness coach Dan Howells - It will most likely have you on your hands and knees by the end! 

Make sure you do a good warm up beforehand!


Start out by trying to complete 2 rounds. After a few sessions and your body adjusts you may want to up the ante!

30 seconds on, 15 seconds off, on the following exercises:

Pull-ups – for lats, shoulders and arms

Cross-country ski – for arms and shoulders (need a machine for that)

Plank – for stomach and core

Ball overhead floor slam - all-round power

Farmer’s walk – for legs and shoulders

Rope slaps – for arms and core (need a big thick rope for this)

Prowler drives – for leg power (need a prowler machine)

Squat jumps – for leg power

If you’re still standing by the end of this – we salute you! Probably not one to do the night before a sevens tournament but give it a bash and let us know how you get on!

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