Aerobic running session

January 3, 2017

This is a good session if you’re returning from injury and want to build up your aerobic fitness base, known among rugby players as your ‘engine’. It is important to get a good base level of aerobic fitness before you progress on to more intense rugby specific fitness sessions.

This is also a good pre-season session for the same reasons. At the end of the season you are likely to take a bit of time off from training, which is good as your body needs to recuperate. After this time off, it is very important that you build up your aerobic fitness again.

Why do we need to build up a good aerobic base?

The better aerobic base you develop, the stronger your muscles, bones and connective tissue will be, therefore increasing your body’s ability to handle the punishment of the harder, more intense sessions that will come later in your recovery process/pre-season.

It also allows you to work harder in these intense sessions, as you will be working from a higher base fitness level.

So have a go at this session below and improve your rugby ‘engine!'

What you need

  • Stop watch


  • Run hard for 3mins – 2min walk
  • 20 Press Ups
  • Run hard for 90secs 
  • Jog 90secs 
  • 15 Down & Ups
  • Run hard for 90secs
  • Jog for 90secs
  • Repeat x6

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