What's Holding You Back From Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

January 15, 2017

After a recent discussion with a friend of mine it got me thinking about what are the main factors holding us back from achieving our fitness and physical goals. The following seem to be the most common reasons: 

1. Time

Often when consulting with clients or just chatting to friends and family they speak of not having enough time in the day to fit in a training session. Long commutes, job stresses and family commitments being cited as the main reasons. This is something I totally understand and can definitely sympathise with however I still believe everyone can spare at least 30 minutes in a day to exercise efficiently.

2. Facility

 Either not having a gym to train from or knowing how to train productively with minimal equipement. A great example of this is when I have clients who are travelling a lot as they only have the use of hotel gyms which are generally poorly equipped.
 Some people don't need the use of a gym, choosing to go running or playing sports which is great and can be very effective, however for those who don't want to run or have the inclination to play sports then simply finding the space whether it is within a local gym, park or even in your home can be the difference between hitting the workout or not.

3. Structure

Perhaps not having the knowledge of how to optimally structure and execute a workout to achieve the continued results they desire. I often hear people say they do not know what they are doing in a gym and therefore quickly give up. Another example is feeling awkward or intimidated in a gym environment therefore not going back. Perhaps training at home or finding a training partner for the gym is a good option for these people
It was with this in mind I thought I'd write out a workout plan that is simple to execute, very time efficient and involves the use of just one piece of equipment! 
In previous articles on the Everything4Rugby website the programs have generally required the use of a gym and a decent amount of equipment such as barbells, Dumbbells, benches and machines. 
The average weight room program I write for clients tends to last 50-60 minutes which for some can be too long. For those who like to train at lunchtime then a 30 minute session with time to shower and recuperate can be optimal. The below workout builds to a maximum time of 30 minutes with minimal rest throughout so the intensity is very high.
I picked up the workout from a colleague of mine 5 years ago and I loved the simplicity of it. The structure came from Istvan Javorek who is a Romanian weightlifting coach. He designed many famous workouts christened 'Javorek complexes'. 
The complexes are basically a circuit of exercises using one piece of equipment such as a barbell or dumbbells. There are many different variants of these workouts but I've gone for the one I feel is the least technical to complete and produces the best fat loss results.
A lot of his workouts tend to have Olympic lifts such as snatches in and they can be very difficult to teach the advanced trainee let alone the beginner.
The workout will reap very little strength or muscle mass gains, instead it's very demanding metabolically and a great tool for conditioning. For males doing the routine try and use a 20kg Olympic bar, females may want to use a 10kg or 15kg "fixed" bar that you find in most gyms.
Obviously one of these bars can be bought and used at home.
The goal of the workout is not how much weight you can shift but more the speed you complete each set whilst maintaining proper form. Each week the volume and therefore the difficulty of the workout will increase with a extra set added. The routine can be done 2-3 times per week.


Exercise                                  Reps          Sets          Rest          Tempo
  • A1 Deadlift                             10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A2 Romanian Deadlift             10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A3 Bent Over Row                   10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A4 Upright Row                      10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A5 Overhead Front Press        10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A6 Bar On Back Split Squat     10 E/Leg   6-10         None         Fast
  • A7 Back Squat                        10             6-10         None         Fast
  • A8 Behind The Neck Press      10             6-10         60 Secs     Fast
To warm up for this routine simple do 5 controlled reps of each of the exercises.
When you start the routine you want to time it with the goal being trying to complete all 8 exercises in under 2 minutes. Don't worry if you don't achieve this but keep in mind the goal. Rest for 60 seconds between sets and write down the time it took to complete it so you don't forget. Try and beat the time on the next set!!
When doing this at first you'll often find sets 2 and 3 are completed quicker than set 1. This is because you become more efficient at moving the bar fast.  You want to move quickly between each exercise with the whole sequence almost flowing into one continual, seamless movement.
Certain exercises in the sequence such as the bent over row and front press are easier to complete at speed compared to say the split squat, so it's trying to find the balance between executing the reps with good form but also with speed. 
During week 1 you'll just  complete 6 sets, then week 2 add a extra set until by week 5 you hit 10 sets. The target is to be able to complete all 10 sets in under 2 minutes! If this is achieved then there should be a pool of sweat beneath you!
Happy sweating guys!!!

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