Essentials for the Start of the Grassroots Rugby Season

August 25, 2017

As we head towards the beginning of September and the start of the grassroots rugby season the feeling of excitement is a bit like that of going back to school after the summer break. Tans are fading, summer excitement is over, everyone has a holiday story (or 2) to tell, and will have attended the first training session a lot heavier than when they played their last game in May!

So, there are always the “essentials” that are required before we head back to our clubs to bash our bodies about for yet another season. Here are a few staples…

New Boots 

You may once again have to convince the other half that a new season means a new pair of boots. After all, they clearly enhance your performance on the field, once you get over the blister pain. That’s another one, Blister Plasters otherwise you’ll be tottering on the pitch like you’re attempting to walk in 6-inch heels.


The British weather is never reliable, and we’ve seen our fair share of downpours recently, with one of the worst Augusts for rainfall ever recorded. After spending nearly 14 years as a side line parent (in all weathers) I discovered one-person tents and I think all rugby club shops need to stock them!


The great British utility item, which used to only come in one design, tartan. Now, you can charge your phone in them and store a healthy snack for half time. An essential for the wintry, pitch-side conditions.

Beer Money 

Most of us start the season with all good intentions, a bit like New Year’s resolutions but come the first win of the season and the team in good spirits, that extra money you saved for a night out with the other half, is now history.

Fresh Towel 

As you pack your kit bag for the first training session, you must surgically remove what was festering in there from the last season; and the crusty towel is always the worst. It’s hard and stained with blood, mud and sweat. Straight on the bonfire, me thinks. 

New Season Booklet 

The new season means a whole new series of fixtures to remember, so best get yourself a notepad and get scribbling during that first briefing session. There’s nothing worse than getting geared up for an away fixture (and a boozy return leg on the bus), only to find out your other half has booked dinner with the in-laws…take note of fixtures so you can plan ahead and avoid such hiccups. 

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