A Day in the Life of an E4R Member Card Holder

August 27, 2017

Sports stars these days, living the high life, signing million dollar contracts, sitting on the front row of fashion shows one day and partying with celebrities the next; they live a tough life.

Rugby initially sheltered itself from the publicity storm; and then came along Jonny Wilkinson and Dan Carter – kings of endorsement – and things started to change a little.

Nowadays, rugby players are getting invites to all sorts – which is great for the promotion of our sport but it’s also encouraged the gap between pro and grassroots rugby to widen.

With the E4R Member Card, you can enjoy a whole host of lifestyle benefits that may make your life just that little bit easier. I’m not promising free rooms at the Rosewood Hotel or Film Premiere appearances but in the wise words of Tesco, Every Little Helps…

I thought I’d showcase just a fraction of the offers available and emphasise how they can be used in the everyday life of a UK grassroots rugby enthusiast… 

Start Your Morning Like a Pro (tein)

MSC Nutrition: 30% Off Products Online

Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling BOOM!

In case you were wondering what the above is; it's the incessantly annoying tone of your morning alarm ringing in your ear. Yet you’re already awake, ready to face the day; the alarm is simply your kick-off whistle that signifies your start to the day. 

First things first, a la The Rock, it’s time to fuel your machine, and what better way to do so than with a shake and some amino acids. 

OK, OK; I’m no schmuck, I know not every one of you is into your supps but if you are, this is a great offer to take advantage of. In fact, this is such a good offer, maybe it will persuade those who don’t like their supps…to acquire a taste for them.

Slip into Dick Winters, Every Morning

20% off Dick Winters Underwear

Before you suddenly screw your eyes and reassess what you’re reading, Dick Winters is a brilliant, luxury underwear brand…Start your morning right and put on a pair of quintessential British briefs. Tallyho!

Join the Fastest Growing Coffee Club in Amateur Rugby

One Free Patisserie Valerie Coffee Every Weekday

If there’s one thing I know about rugby players, it’s that they loooooove their coffee. I mean, most pro teams actually have a pre or post training ‘coffee club’…Yeah I know, get a real job!

Well, for us mere mortals, who rely on caffeine to get us through the day instead of for time-filling purposes, how does a free weekday coffee sound to you – and by the way that’s one free coffee every day of the working week. Yeah, sounds pretty great huh?

I Remember My First Uber Ride

£15 Off Your First Uber Ride

Everyone knows taxis are a dying breed – soon enough the word will be removed from the dictionary and we’ll simply be left with Uber.

Oh…i'm sorry were you one of the ones who thought it was simply a retro adjective used to describe cool stuff – ‘Aww man, that’s uber cool!’ Sign up to Uber and use your E4R code to enjoy £15 off your first ride…it may come in handy if you're running late for work or a meeting!

The Oldest Trick in the Book

Discounted Cinema Tickets & Dinner

Have you managed to find yourself in the doghouse, due to acquiring a grass stain that’s Vanish resistant, or enjoying one to many post-training pints the previous Tuesday…Well, it’s time to grovel and make up for it!

What better way than a lovely dinner and trip to the movies – it’s got ‘I’m very sorry dear,’ written all over it. 

Enjoy discounts on Vue, Cineworld & Odeon Cinemas, as well as Pizza Express, Zizi, Loch Fyne and many more...

Well there you have it; Become an E4R Member Card holder – it’s basically the key to a better life!

Download the E4R App and become an E4R Member Card Holder for just £2.99 per month, now! 

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  1. Michael SalmonNorth Berwick RFC May 16, 2017 at 12:08 PM

    The benefits are fantastic. Please do take a look.