For the Love of Stash

July 4, 2017

Rugby players look forward to the start of a new season for a number of reasons, including turning up at the training ground, walking into the changing rooms and seeing new stash piled up beneath their peg. Eyes light up like a kid at Christmas!

It’s neatly placed in identical piles all around the changing room. The excitement of what’s in the bundle; it's smell, the feel...But what do Rugby players like when it comes to brands?

With so many names out there, deals are offered and promises are made in order to fight for business...yet the real question is, are they kept? And also, do they deliver quality kit?

We’re all familiar with the big names in rugby apparel; Canterbury, Samurai, Under Armour and now Adidas, but do they live up to their promises? And more importantly, what do rugby players think when it comes to stash?

There's so much to consider when it comes to putting in a big order: time scales, sublimation (no one wants the new sponsor’s logo to be spelled wrong!), colours, durability and replacements (there’s always one that gets their top cut off due to an injury).

So I asked a few players on their thoughts…

‘Canterbury are always a big contender when it comes to stash, with great designs and well-made kit (if a little on the small side!). Of course, it’s also worn by the England squad.”

Dave, a semi-pro rugby player and fitness instructor.

‘Everyone has an issue when ordering kit and the promises made by some companies are getting ridiculous. We’ve had to wait up to 12 weeks sometimes, just to get replacement items!’

Rachel, sports shop owner.

‘I like the shirts to be fitted well, and the material is also a big factor for me. I’m not bothered about brands, as long as it does what it says it will!’

Joe, rugby player

‘It’s important to get the most out of the kit as it goes through a lot within a season, and durability is key. Big brands like Under Armour and Canterbury have this sorted.’

Ben, student rugby coach. 

It seems that most players will go for comfort overall, with the backs seeking “Pro-fit” and the forwards wanting “regular.’ The coaches and managers will want the best quality name out there, whereas the accounts department of any club will want the cheapest, standard kit.

Sponsors will want what the England team are wearing, so their name/ brand is synonymous with the Elite.

Oh, How to keep everyone happy?!

What we do know is whatever brand is chosen, it’s still exciting to have a look at the new pile of kit, neatly placed under your peg in the changing room.

The players inspect it, stretch it, smell it, hold it against their skin to feel the material...yes, it’s hilarious to watch, but they all do it.

At the start of the season, it’s worn like a new Christmas jumper...folded neatly after washing, the new kit bag kept tidy, and everything kept in its place. 

It’s a rather different scenario come the end of the season. The kit bag is left where you finished your last pint, your protein shaker is growing mould and smells worse than a cricketers box in the height of summer, and the kit is considered “old.”

We would love to hear your views on stash! What brands float your boat, what you like to get in the bundle, or just how you feel about getting new Stash?

Everything4Rugby have a fantastic partnership with Canterbury so if your club needs premium kit at a great price, get in touch! 

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