North Vs. South: Rugby's Take on Game of Thrones

July 12, 2017

The craze surrounding Game of Thrones is incredible with its fan base far from simply a collection of nerdy, sci-fi lovers, who view the show's stars as kings and queens both on and off screen. In fact, the HBO series is likely to be viewed by many as the 8th wonder of the world, such is its popularity. I’m not for one second going to attempt to analyse or evaluate the complexities of such an unfathomable show but there is one aspect I find rather intriguing:

The North and South Divide

Within the show they are a stark contrast of one another in terms of geography, population, wealth and resource, yet they are both extremely powerful in their own rights.

The North is huge in terms of land mass and full of loyal inhabitants who stay true to a cause due to their love for their homeland. They are innovators and improvisers and their allegiance is emphasised by them not heading south to seek wealth and riches, of which there is plenty.

The South is much smaller in size and is divded up amongst factions, yet has resources, riches and people in abundance. Thus many individuals are lured South in search of riches and wealth. 

Now, I'm by no means an expert (so don't jump at me with factual shit) but it seems these places are matched in power due to differing attributes, and after this summer’s Lions Series, you could say the same about Northern and Southern Hemisphere rugby.

The Lions were not tamed, but instead roared, whilst the All Blacks showed they're not quite immortal, although they remain the most dominant single force in world rugby. One thing's for sure, it was an even encounter. 

Yet, when looking at the North and South divide from a rugby perspectvie, it's rather different when comparing it to GOT.

The Northern Hemisphere possesses the riches of the Aviva Premiership and Top 14, and thus are able to lure many of the world’s most exciting talents to their shores. It’s an accumulation of many different nations (kingdoms), all-vying for outright power and they have a lot to offer those brave enough to make the journey. 

On the other hand, if we use New Zealand as the Southern Example, these guys are loyal and unaffected by the lure of riches until they can no longer offer their best to their kingdom’s cause.  Each individual possessed incredible skills and are innovative in their style of play that's crucial to success. 

So, in essence it's a role reversal compared to the situation in Game of Thrones. I thought given all the excitement surrounding the new TV series, as well as the test series, I'd provide the analysis. Perhaps none of you care. 

One thing; in the battles of all battles, The Lions and All Blacks played out a draw; somehow I can’t see the same happening within The Game of Thrones. 

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