Rugby Coaches & Football Managers: A Comparison

July 13, 2017

Rugby and football share a whole load of differences, from the number of players on the pitch, to the number of minutes played per half. Another difference is the role of the coach/manager…Within football the manager sits in the dugout, within shouting range of their players, often charging up and down their designated area, charismatically performing hand gestures (Guardiola springs to mind).

On the other hand, rugby coaches sit in their glass boxes, spectating the match from a far and voicing any messages to their pitch side teams, via a microphone.

One thing neither will shy away from is providing a good old, half time bollocking, should their side be underperforming, although of course not each manager/coach has their own individual style. 

Although a rather differing Job spec. There exists notable comparisons between football and rugby coaches; Ugo Monye compared Warren Gatland to Jose Mourinho due to their ruthlessness, honest media engagement and willingness to make unpopular decisions.

Following this, we thought we’d look at other interesting comparisons:

Richard Cockerill & Sam Allardyce

These two are both hard-lined, old schoolers who have adapted well to the changing landscapes of their sports. I’d go so for as to say these guys are scared of no one and they’re certainly not afraid to drop people who aren’t pulling their weight. On a positive note, both continuously deliver results no matter what project they take on and are reliable people to bring in at any level. Steady as a rock. 

Gregor Townsend & Eddie Howe

The story of the two rising stars, who’ve done their time and learned their trade. Townsend started with Glasgow whilst Howe took the hotseat at Bournemouth; both have delivered brilliant success, which was most likely unanticipated by the clubs. Scotland have already appointed Townsend as their lead man and it won’t be long before Howe moves into the big time! 

Sir Clive Woodward & Arsene Wenger

The masters of philosophy; calm and measured, these two send out an aura similar to that of a jedi master. However, sometimes their approaches come under fire, mainly due to results not going their way – and after all, success in both sports ultimately comes down to results. Yet, their unwavering dedication to their beliefs about how their sports should be played is admirable, often taking criticism on the chin. Wise old owls who change for no one. 

Vern Cotter & Maricio Pochettino

With these two, less is more, especially when it comes to words. Their strengths lie in coaching and manufacturing an outfit fit for one purpose; winning, and often in style. Both men have been imported to do jobs and both have achieved success, whilst going about their business quietly but effectively. Their lack of mind games means they have earned the respect of their peers. You’d happily have either of these fellas in your staff.

If you have any other ideas (i'm sure there's plenty) then let me know via the comments box and i'll get them added!

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