Why Get Into Rugby Coaching? Tom May's Tips

September 20, 2017

Within the UK’s grassroots rugby community there’s always a need for more rugby coaches at a junior level. Whether their primary function is simply to help out, or they’re specialists in the technicalities, it’s a numbers game and a simple case of the more the merrier. When a club has over 300 minis turning up for training and only 3 coaches…well, you do the math. 

Lots of people can be put off from getting involved with rugby coaching in some capacity due to them feeling they don’t have the adequate knowledge or experience. Those willing to 'muck-in' and offer a helping hand can be the difference between a training session or match taking place and one not; it’s as simple as that. 

Here's why you should get involved!

Parent Time

I know it may be an odd one to start with but if your child is a rugby enthusiast then what better way to see them enjoy a sport they’re fond of, than being part of that experience with them?

It’s a Sociable Gig

Let’s be serious, when you send the kids for two laps around the pitch to warm up or get them engaged in a drill, you and the other coaches will no doubt indulge in a natter.

One conversation can turn into the realisation that you have a lot in common, and suddenly before long, a friendship may blossom. There’s a lot for you (the coach) to gain as well as the kids involved.

What’s more, it’s always nice to embrace the social side of the rugby club, give it a few weeks and you may find yourself with a few drinking buddies to enjoy a couple of cold ones with… 

Test Yo’self

I think many people would secretly admit to hitting life's autopilot button at some point – jumping into the deep end and giving yourself a new task is a great way to stimulate and motivate yourself and who knows, you may love it! Junior rugby coaching can often be very rewarding; and before long, that 'test' may turn into one of the best decisions you make (no promises but why not try!) 

Be an Advocate of Rugby’s Values

We’ll all be aware of the strong and influential values on which rugby has built itself and what better way to ensure the baton is passed on successfully to the next generation than to do it yourself. You don’t even need to know how to spin pass to ensure that the players within your squad adhere to the key values of rugby; again there will likely be a great sense of pride and achievement should you succeed. 

What Hangover?

Heavy Saturday night? What better way to cure the hangover than coaching lots of budding rugby stars? In all seriousness, if you have got a slightly thick head, it’s a brilliant way of getting some much needed fresh air; I can vouch for it working! 

So there’s just a few reasons why getting into rugby coaching could be a good idea!

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