How to Healthily Navigate Pizza Express

February 23, 2017

I always love popping out for a bit of scran, especially when it hits the weekend. Problem is, it’s always so tempting to just absolutely smash the calories and go nuts!

Yet,  you then hit the crossroads; what about all that gym work I put in this week…Nah F**k it, I’ll smash it doubley hard next week.

Well, that was me this time last year, and it’s safe to say the gym has well and truly been abandoned…Last time I was there I went to the mats to do a bit of ‘abs,’ and woke up 3 hours later – the gym had declared me MIA!

Couldn’t go back, so cringeworthy.

Anyway, my wife threatened me, saying I either get my act together or she’d sign me up for weight watchers, and if it’s anything like the Little Britain portrayal, I think I’ll pass.

It was all going swimmingly until the other day. I’d promised the kids that we would go out for dinner, with the family deciding on Pizza Express (predicatable, I know). My thoughts were: Great. 1 week into trying to escape from being a fat bastard and I was going to a pizza joint!

Yet, have no fear…I managed to meander my way through the menu and enjoy 3 courses pretty guilt free…and here’s how:

To Start with I had: Crostini al Pomodoro

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not the most exciting starter in the world and it doesn’t fill the pre-meal gap or particularly satisfy the taste buds…but that’s why I loved it.

Little pieces of crostini with tomato and basil on top...not mind blowing but does the job.  No more stuffing yourself with starters that go down like a homesick mole, only for you to semi enjoy the main event. It worked a treat...and only contained 170 calories.

And for the Main: Leggera Verdure Pizza

The great thing about this bad boy is that it’s a pizza – yes it may have a hole in the middle stuffed with salad but the fact that you get dough helps with the optical illusion. My advice, order first so you’re little kids with metabolisms as quick as Usain Bolt, can’t sway you to get something greasy, fatty and delicious!

It’s low in calories (555Cals) and actually has a surprisingly high protein intake (27.5 g) so all you gym grunters obsessed with the P word can munch satisfied.

Oh Look I’ve got actual space for Dessert: Sotto Zero

I’d heard of fro-yo rather a lot but I never had any clue what it meant. To be honest, if I was to guess I would’ve thought it was a new girl band or something. For those wondering, it means frozen yoghurt and it’s absolutely superb.

It’s a light way to round off a meal and feel contented instead of forcing yourself into a food coma and feeling overly depressed…

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