The Big Breakfast

October 1, 2016

Our resident nutritionist, Chris Grieveson, offers some alternative ideas for the most important meal of the day

Remember, breakfast like a king, luncheon like a prince and dine like a pauper!

I'm regularly asked for good breakfast options that are also easy to prepare, after all no one has time for lengthy prep in the morning! A quick breakfast choice that still manages to tick a lot of nutritional boxes, is always a winning option.

Top five quick breakfasts:

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

  • - Scramble 3 to 4 whole eggs (don’t throw away the yolk, it’s the most nutritious part).
  • - Add some smoked salmon and perhaps some spinach.
  • - Serve on Wholemeal Bread.

Porridge oats with blueberries

  • I often have some oats for brekkie, especially if I have trained in the morning.
  • All we have is a kettle in the gym so I take some dry oats and blueberries, add boiling water and stir thoroughly: warm oats are ready in 60 seconds!

Steak and nuts

- Pan fry a steak in organic butter or coconut oil.
- When its done to your preferre liking, serve with a handful of pecan or macadamia nuts.

If you don’t have time to eat at home, you can slice up the steak, box it up with the nuts and eat on the move. One of my regular brekkies!

Venison burgers

Venison is a great choice of meat, very lean and full of healthy fats.

- All you need to do is grill these burgers and serve with some spinach or berries.

As with the steak, you can cook, box up and eat them on the move (just ignore the funny looks from the people in your office or on the train!

Healthy Bacon sandwich

My healthy option bacon sarnie is a favourite of mine at the weekend.

- Free range, lean rashers of bacon.
- Spinach
- Grilled tomato
- On toasted rye bread.


Hopefully this has given you a few options to add some variety and decent nutrition into your breakfast.

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