Wagamama Do's and Don'ts

February 15, 2017

In a previous article we covered one of a rugby PLAYER’S favourite hangouts, Nandos, and highlighted its fantastic capacity for good:

  • Immense amounts of chicken and carbs
  • A great social venue
  • There are plenty around – easily accessible

Yet, believe it or not, there are many people out there who are not Nandos fans – in fairness it is often self-inflicted due to the ridiculous amounts of piri-piri chicken consumed.

Nevertheless we thought we would enlighten you about a great eastern inspired alternative! 

Grassroots rugby players we introduce you to, Wagamamas!!

When embracing this pan-Asian cuisine, in what is a very casual Japanese style restaurant which can certainly take a decent level of rowdiness, there are of course some DO’S & DON’TS to remember. After all, nutrition can be a game changer in terms of the way you perform on the pitch!

Just because it isn’t McDonalds or BK doesn’t mean everything is healthy.

SO, here's some pointers on what to order and what not to order...

When you’re looking at starters/sides it’s very easy to get carried away – it's the start of the meal, you’re Hank Marvin and you just want FOOD! Patience young padi-wan, patience.

These are great for a starter!DO: Edamame - It may be a tad boring but these little sugarsnap pea esque sides are great and actully taste good. Order the Edamame with chilli salt – They contain 9g protein and a low GI meaning its absorbed slowly.

DON’T: Tori Kara Age - this side has over 500 calories and 30g of fat per portion...It also doesn’t taste great. So we'd advise it's one to steer clear of. Nothing worse than having to turn your main away because you've stuffed your face. 

Now, unless you’re rather odd, the main course is the highlight of the dining occasion. By now, you and the rest of the team have had a few brewskies and the banter is flowing. Thus, as much as the main meal is great for taste it also acts as an absorbent for the booze.

DO: Chilli Chicken Ramen: This little ripper tastes brilliant and is packed with great nutrition. It’s high in lean protein and carbs but only contains 10g of fat per portion so you can remain on top form for the rest of the evening (oi oi). This could also be a great pre workout lunch - had to get the gym in the blog somewhere!

Katsu Curry is the Wagamama StapleDON’T: Chicken Katsu Curry - Probably the Wagamama staple & the stodge king – the Katsu Curry is the equivalent to 6 slices of Dominoes! The Katsu appears rather artificial and contains enough salt to hurt your heart as you devour it with pleasure. There's bulking and there’s bulking…

Now many see Dessert as a great excuse to get the unhealthiest thing on the menu – the classic 'Oh go on then i'll treat myself' - why not try something a little lower in cholesterol, that will leave you feeling fresh, not bloated.

DO: Mochi Ice-Cream – a proper low fat pallet cleanser. Flavours range from coconut, rasperry or a tasty little mix.

DON’T: Chcolate Fudge Cake - Bit of a given but the Chocolate Fudge Cake ain’t going to do you much good! Packed with sugar and fat it’s more likely to clog up your arteries than anything else – yet everything is OK in moderation and it does look bloomin marvellous.

A simple guide to help you navigate your way through the Wagamamas menu - if you have any ideas of Dos and Don'ts to add to the list then let us know and we'll upload them! 

The table below gives you a clear breakdown of the dishes mentioned above: 

 DIsh  Calories  Protein (g)  Carbohydrates Fat (g) 
Edamame 179  47.4  126.4  49.3
 Chicken Karaage  417  21.5  8.1  31.5
 Chilli Chicken Ramen  590  61.5  47.6  10.6
 Chicken Katsu Curry  1149  13.4  7.4  8
 Mochi Ice-Cream  193  2.2  37.8  3.8
 Chocolate Fudge Cake  671  8  76  37


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