A Heart Busting, Muscle Burning, Sand Session

June 19, 2017


The beach. A place of relaxation. The sound of the waves, the soft sand beneath and the open air blowing away any stresses of day to day life… OR the perfect place to get the rugby strength and conditioning at peak level during the summer time!

Training on sand is a quick and simple way to boost any workout and is often overlooked simply due to the lack of awareness and planning.

Due to the unsteady nature of sand, the body’s nervous system is forced to recruit additional muscle fibres throughout the legs, hips and core. This creates a workout that will burn additional calories and work your muscles in no time, resulting in a fat burning, muscle building workout that will give you a core of steel!

You know what they say; no pain, no gain.

Not only is it a beast of a workout but the sand will also ensure you have to work much harder in order to keep moving. The cushioning surface means you don’t get the natural bounce that concrete provides. There’s also much reduced impact on the joints, which is always good.  

The benefits of sand training have become so popular that many gyms across the world now offer large, adapted sand pits and deliver regular exercise classes and sessions in them!

Try the following time-led circuit for a fantastic full body workout with the increased benefit of the sands unstable base –

Warm Up

1 min brisk walking

2 min light jog

30 seconds walking lunges

30 seconds hand walk outs


Start at a suitable point on the beach to allow the following circuit:

Set two markers down 30 metres apart and if you want to make the session more rugby specific complete all sprints with a rugby ball in hand.

  1. Sprint 30 metres
  2. 30 seconds burpees
  3. Sprint 30 metres
  4. 30 seconds Squat and alternate lunge
  5. Sprint 30 metres
  6. 30 seconds plank
  7. Sprint 30 metre
  8. 30 seconds wide press ups
  9. Sprint 30 metre
  10. 30 seconds skipping

Repeat the circuit up to 3 times and truly feel the lungs burning!

Cool down

After such an intense workout that hits even the smallest of muscle fibres, a suitable cool down is vital. Finish the session with a 3-minute gentle jog, then take it down to a brisk walk for one minute and then a further minute of light walking.

End the session with static flexibility stretches, plenty of water to rehydrate and some fruit… time for that all important relaxation on the beach (weather providing).

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  1. Tom MaySevenoaks RFC Jul 26, 2017 at 08:20 PM

    Might have a crack at this over the weekend while away. Sounds good.