Get Fit for the Sevens Season

March 5, 2017

We all know how physically demanding rugby 7s is! 3 minutes in, most of us find ourselves blowing out our arses. These running sessions will ensure you enter the Sevens circuit feeling confident you'll last those exhausting 14 minutes.

It'll also supply you with the foundational fitness you need to give your best performances for your team.

Before you do any of these sessions make sure you warm up appropriately!

Session 1

4-6 x 200m with a 4 minute recovery. Make sure you run each rep as fast as you can – this is essential.

Session 2

3 x 3 x 150m with a 3 minute recovery between reps. Take 4 or 5 minutes in between the sets of 3. Again essential that you push yourself and run as hard as you can. This one really burns the lung.

Session 3

10 x 50m with a 40s active recovery x 2. Give yourself 5 minutes recovery time in between the sets.

Aim to do 2 sessions a week!

We hope this helps you prepare! Good luck in all your 7s tournaments and remember, no beers until you’ve played all your games!

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