Holiday Maintenance Workout

May 30, 2017

After weeks of meticulous preparation, in order to get ready for the poolside pics, many holiday go-ers get so fixated on retaining their camera-ready physique that they send up being unable to relax and enjoy their trip. I’m sure many of us will be heading off to sunnier, warmer climes within the next few months and i'm not for one minute saying you shouldn't kick back and relax...But what happens when we land on foreign soil? No gym to use or only very limited basic hotel equipment at our disposal? No rugby training to attend…How do we cope?!

The key here is ‘maintenance’.

We are not going on holiday to increase our lean muscle mass or improve our VO2 max! We should simply be looking to maintain our physique and conditioning levels...and of course, a nice pump prior to that poolside strut never hurt anybody!

The following workout achieves just that – it’s short, intense, caters for all body parts and is a mixture of strength and cardio based training. It requires no equipment apart from your own body weight so can be done anywhere. And the best can be completed in the time it takes your other half to have a shower, making them none the wiser...Resume holiday!!

The Workout

10 Inchworms

20 Burpees

30 Squat Jumps

40 Squat Thrusts

50 Tricep Dips

60 Push Ups

70 Reverse Lunges (35 each side)

80 Toe Touches

90 Mountain Climbers

100 Squats

And head to the bar, guilt free!

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