Off Season Fat Club

May 4, 2017

Tthe infamous ‘Fat Club.' It's something that i've discovered from being involved with various professional sides over the years. Players returning from their well earned rest and relaxation during the off season would be put through a host of rigorous physical tests during week 1 of pre season. Anybody found guilty of bringing back an additional ‘few too many pounds’ would be placed into the ‘Fat Club’.

This is an honorary club consisting of extra killer weights, circuits and conditioning sessions with sick buckets at the ready.

It’s a club you certainly do not want to join!

Admittedly, times have changed, and the professionalism of these elite players has gone through the roof. It’s rare players nowadays to come into pre-season overweight, as they now show true dedication, honesty and competitiveness in adhering to their own individual programmes and extras away from the club so they can hit the ground running come the arrival of pre season.

However, at grassroots level, it’s often easy to let yourself go a little after a long tough season and therefore the ‘Fat Club’ poses a genuine threat!

Below is a preventative measure – throw this fat loss workout into your off season and watch the fat melt away. Forget the days of long boring continuous runs to burn a few calories. This metabolic conditioning circuit, combining the principles of German Volume Training, is simple, direct and intense, and will ignite your metabolism for days after.    

WARNING – Sick buckets at the ready!

The Fat Club Circuit

*Ensure you are fully warmed up before commencing.

TRI SET (3 back to back resistance exercises) followed by a 1 minute conditioning effort.

A1 Dumbell Prone Bench Row: 10 reps X 10 sets

A2 Kettlebell Swings: 10 reps X 10 sets

A3 Close Grib Bench Press: 10 reps X 10 sets

A4 Rower or Bike: 1 minute X 10 sets

{2 Minutes rest between each set}

REGRESSION: If you struggle to complete the full 10 sets, you may start on 6 sets of 6 reps, then progress to 8 sets of 8 reps and then finally rip into the full 10 x 10

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