Outdoor Strength and Conditioning for Rugby Players

November 7, 2017

Many people shy away from training outdoors due to our unpredictable British weather. Yet, we can’t be picky on game day or training nights with regards to the weather so with that in mind training outdoors actually suits rugby (Duh). Of course, be mindful to ensure that the conditions are suitable for the following workout. 

In order to complete this session, you'll need a car tyre, a rugby ball a stopwatch, an agility ladder, a minimum of 10 cones and at least a quarter pitch.

The set-up

Space out 8 cones approximately 6-8 metres apart and place in a square formation (These cones act as the station markers). On 2 of the stations (not consecutive stations) set up another cone 10 metres apart from the station cone.

Repeat each exercise for the time or reps stated below for one full circuit. As fitness improves increase time/ reps and circuits completed.


Jog ten metres, side step back x 4

Jog ten metres, walking lunge back x 4

Jog ten metres, jog backwards back x 4

The Circuit

Station one: press ups (perform for one minute) - perfect for building upper body and core strength, as well as endurance. 

Station two: tyre push (Place the tyre down flat on the floor on its side. Get into a low, neutral position with hands on the top, outside of the tyre and sprint push staying low for the 10 metres, turn and return) -  ideal for driving through the ruck, maul and scrum. 

Station three: core cycles (perform for one minute) -building a strong and resilient core for those hard-hitting tackles.

Station four: agility ladder (one minute) – footwork drills to build up agility and fast feet. 

Station five: 10m power push and sprint (start laying flat on your front. In one movement power push up to a standing position and sprint 10 metres) Repeat 10 times - builds stamina, pace and resilience.

Station six: mountain climbers (one minute) - perfect for building stamina, core strength and upper body strength. 

Station seven: jumping lunges (One minute)- build explosive strength and speed. 

Station eight: military burpees (one minute) – no better way to build endurance, stamina and overall fitness than the dreaded burpee!

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