The Finisher

October 20, 2017

You’ve hit the gym, smashed out a decent session working at around 65-80% of your maximum rate. You’re feeling fatigued but you haven’t quite hit rock bottom.

Translate this into a match day situation…70 minutes played with 10 to go in a closely fought game and it all boils down to which team has the mental strength and stamina to see the game through to the bitter end.

What you need is a finishing round of punishment that will ensure you enjoy the pride of being the last man standing, dominating the game right to the end…

Add this simple but brutal finisher to the end of your workout to leave everything you have in the gym.

What you need…

10 minutes, 1 rower and a suitably challenging kettlebell weight (use a dumbbell if there is no access to a kettlebell)

  • 1 minute at 90%-95% work rate on the rower
  • 1 minute of two-hand kettlebell swings

Repeat this circuit with no rest, jumping straight from the rower to the kettlebell for 5 rounds, 10 minutes in total.

As fitness and strength improve, progress to alternate hand swings, or increase the kettlebell weight used.

This simple combination will get the lungs burning and the whole body firing – give it a go and watch your stamina shoot through the roof!

Nice, ‘easy’ way to ensure you finish your gym sessions, shattered!

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