Full Body Conditioning Test: The 'Wiki Blitz'

October 4, 2017

The following workout can be used as a one-off session or as part of your regular routine. Alternatively, you can use it as I do with my clients; a testing protocol, regularly measuring and monitoring their conditioning levels.

Be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted; It’s extremely demanding and taxing on the body. However, the many attributes required as a rugby player, including determination, hard work, and competitiveness, suggests this one could become non-negotiable!

This session was constructed by S&C mastermind, Carl Jennings, who has over 25 year’s experience within Super 15s Rugby, NRL, and various Olympic sports, all highlighting his philosophy that nothing worth achieving is ever achieved without hard work.

The ‘Wiki Blitz’

Named after rugby league player, Ruben Wiki, who until recently, held the record to complete it! (18 minutes 40 seconds). It combines rowing, burpees and clean and press, which tests aerobic, anaerobic and lactic systems.

1) 1000m Row

2) 10 Burpees

3) 10 Clean and Press (using 50kg)

4) 800m Row

5) 12 Burpees

6) 12 Clean and Press (using 50kg)

7) 600m Row

8) 15 Burpees

9) 15 Clean and Press (using 50kg)

10) 500m Row

11) 18 Burpees

12) 18 Clean and Press (using 50kg)

13) 400m Row

14) 20 Burpees

15) 20 Clean and Press (using 50kg)

16) 300m Row

To be performed continuously and record your finishing time.

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition between team mates! Good Luck.

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