Tom May’s In-season Power Session

March 21, 2017

This is a short, sharp session that you can perform on a Wednesday or even a Thursday leading up to a game. The aim of a session like this is to increase your power and your speed through the movements and it also ensures your body is firing for the weekend and that you can go into the game feeling fresh and sharp.

Try to make all the movements as dynamic as possible, whilst maintaining form and control.

Perform all five exercises as a continuous circuit, but don’t rush between exercises - quality of movement is the most important thing.

Take 4 minutes rest between each circuit to fully recover.


1a - Plyometric Press Ups  5 sets x 4 reps @ BW

1b - Single Leg Bench Jump  5 sets x 3 reps each leg

1c - Single Arm DB Row  5 x 4 with a weight that allows you to power the weight up.

1d - 30 second plank

1e - DB Push Press  5 x 6

There, you go-simple as that!

For an in-season upper body session, check out our Upper Body and Fitness Top-up Session!

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