Upper Body and Fitness Top Up Session

September 1, 2017

This is a great little session to do in-season, possibly on a Monday-depending on how battered you are feeling after the weekend’s game. If, however, you are just feeling a bit jaded and tired, you will find that this session will act as a great flush and set you up nicely for the week ahead.

The main objectives here is to ensure you are maintaining your muscle mass through the season and to keep topping up, or even improving, your work capacity.

The session consists of two parts. The lifts are done as two supersets-take 45 seconds between exercises within the supersets and then 2 minutes between supersets.

Make sure you get plenty of food into you straight afterwards so you don’t start the week on a downward trajectory!

For advice on getting the right fuel for your body, visit our Nutrition section.

Sessions :

Part 1-Upper Body Strength and Hypertrophy

1A. Bench Press (barbell or DBs) 5 x 6-8

1B. Rows (cable, DB or machine) 5 x 6-8

2A. Arnold Shoulder Press 4 x 8-12

2B. Hammer Curls 4 x 8-12

2C. Straight-arm Pulldowns 4 x 8-12

Check Out the Session below!


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