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On Sep 19, 2017, Tom May wrote

Great article which really highlights the fantastic reasons to play the game. Nice one Craig.

On Aug 08, 2017, Tom May wrote

Great article and I fully agree with what's been said. I can't see how going at on a short England camp is even worth it?

On Jul 26, 2017, Tom May wrote

Might have a crack at this over the weekend while away. Sounds good.

On Jan 15, 2016, Tom May wrote

Favourite player would have to be Chewbacca I think in at 8. Monster carries...

On Jan 07, 2016, Tom May wrote

Hahaha this is quality. Love Steve Diamond in that role.

On Jan 05, 2016, Tom May wrote

Great interview, love it. Clearly loves the game.

On Jan 05, 2016, Tom May wrote

I disagree with this. I don't think there is a hangover. Largely the northern hemisphere sides were poor during the World Cup and some of the players were struggling for form. To say Glasgow players are in the middle of a hangover is wrong IMO as the reason they are finding life tough is that they have come back into a side low on confidence. Always an uphill battle. I think sides are just finding their feet and finding that every team can now compete.

On Dec 14, 2015, Tom May wrote

Love the fact that Liam pointed out that he loved the fact that when playing rugby, playing alongside his close friends and being part of a team were some of the main reasons to continue playing. Nothing better than turning out alongside friends each week.

On Dec 11, 2015, Tom May wrote

Who can forget the try that he scored in the World Cup, top player and great to Canada producing players of this quality.

On Nov 26, 2015, Tom May wrote

A huge number of people being caught but perhaps one of the learnings from this is in other sports; maybe they need to catch up on the testing processes? That being said, there is no place for performance enhancing drugs in any sport. There will always be some who let the side down.


Grassroots rugby is the foundation for the whole game. So much time and attention is given to the professional game that I think sometimes, wrongly, grassroots rugby is left to fend for itself. No matter what level you have played at, at some point in your rugby career you were involved at the grassroots level. I started playing for Beccehamians RFC way back, before spending a large part of my life growing up with Sevenoaks RFC. Both great clubs and clubs I want to give something back to as they helped me hugely. They allowed me the platform in my younger years to move on and play for some great clubs such as Newcastle, Toulon, Northampton and London Welsh and to play for my country, England. Now that I have retired I have taken up a coaching role at Sevenoaks. I am co-founder and Director of E4R and I am excited about what effect this business can have on the grassroots game. I am as determined as I was when I was playing myself to ensure that we make a significant impact on the game and I will do all I can to make sure club rugby in the UK goes from strength to strength.

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